All sessions are one hour in duration and are done via the Zoom or Facebook Messenger App.

Clarity session:

This is the initial session, where I will serve as an active and supportive listener. In this session we will co-create the vision for the journey ahead and determine if working together is mutually beneficial. More sessions will be scheduled accordingly.

Intake session:

This is the first session for all three packages. Health history, review your relationship between food and lifestyle and how they both affect your life. Review your wellness, the harmony between mind, body, and spirit. I will highlight your strengths and help you make immediate lifestyle changes to work toward your goals.

Inspire purpose package:

Focus on short-term goals to cultivate a lasting lifestyle and celebrate each small step along the way. Learn to be truly at peace with yourself and the world around you. Learn to live fearlessly - immune to criticism or praise and be fueled by your own inner happiness and self-love. Discuss your health, inside and out, options to increasing your energy, and finding balance in your everyday life. 4 months, 8 one hour sessions

Embolden intentions package:

Take assessment and build believe in your purpose and mission. Together we will strengthen your courage and increase your confidence. When you believe you are enough, that’s when you take action. What action do you want to take? What’s your legacy going to be? 8 months, 16 one hour sessions

Vivid abundance package:

Choose to be extraordinary and live an unrestricted life. Touch more lives and make a bigger impact. Start helping your own clients or loved once achieve optimal health and financial freedom. Become a greatness extractor, beauty magnifier, and community creator.Become present and mindful. Design a life you love. Milestone review.12 months, 24 one hour sessions